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Thinking Alike


Gayle over at Everyday I Write the Book blog also recently read Notes on a Scandal, which I blogged about last week. Here’s what she had to say: Notes on a Scandal is the story of Sheba, a teacher at a high school in London who has an affair with one of her students. Both […]

Deep Cover


A friend of mine and I were emailing about Robin Hobb’s Six Duchies books, and she wrote about why she liked them: Heroes aren’t all good. Love alone doesn’t conquer all. Women don’t pine away and die. Even the annoying characters can grow up and become really interesting. This is why I read. This is […]

I found this meme on Cam’s Commentary, and thought it would give me good fodder for a post for the work book I read last night. It was an awesome sports biopic about the only sport that makes me cry: the marathon. I hope it becomes a movie. I have 2 more books to read […]

Tonight I had a book for work, so husband and I did not do the Valentine’s thing. I was in a rush to get it done tonight because we have friends in town from Austin tomorrow night. I succeeded in busting through the 384-page tome and got my report written in time for “Lost.” I […]

Popcorn Reading


Tonight’s work read was a book for teens that horrified me with how shallow it was. It made me fear for the souls of young readers until I reminded myself that I read the Sweet Valley High series up through something like number 60 and I turned out okay. I mean, I am looking forward […]

The book I read for work last night was pretty good, but it doesn’t appear to have been published in the US. Too bad, because it was lovely, with a sweet sense of humor and some indelible characters. I hate hate hate that Amazon thinks that different editions of the same book are DIFFERENT BOOKS! […]

Finished my last book for my reading job, and now I’m free! Until Monday morning, of course. I am in the middle of Zoe Heller’s Notes on a Scandal, which I picked up because I liked the movie so much. I mooched the book from someone in Iceland, which adds an extra frisson because I […]

I just realized that I read a book for work on Tuesday night and forgot to put up a blog post. Slacker!! I can’t help feeling a little embarrassed that I read fantasy and sci-fi, also known as speculative fiction. It’s because people who don’t read this stuff really, really can’t understand the appeal, mainly […]

The book I read for work last night kicked off with such promise. I was reminded of books such as A Secret History, Special Topics in Calamity Physics, and House of Leaves. I love books that combine gothic atmosphere, horror elements, and a story-within-a-story that might be more than just a story. Books that are […]

Hating My Books


My reading job started up again today. I vet to-be-published manuscripts, and my employers must like me because they generally give me stuff I’m excited to read. So, in keeping with my post-per-book formula, here is a blog post to go with the book I finished tonight. I’m not reviewing these books on this blog […]