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Synopsis: A princess is gifted by her fairy godmother to be ordinary—and who ever heard of a princess with mouse brown hair and freckles? Review: The Ordinary Princess is charming, delightful fairy tale that I’ve read over and over since I was a girl. A great read for girls who aren’t so deadened by Bratz […]

Read a novel tonight for work–literary fiction. Gorgeous prose, interesting ideas. But not bloggable because it’s work, so you get a glimpse into the twisted past of the Superfast Reader, and link to the next book on my shelf. I feel like all my childhood memories are from when I was eight, except for when […]

I have a fun little job where I get to read books before they are published. I won’t be blogging about them for various ethical reasons, but since I want to post every time I read a book, I think I’ll take the opportunity to write about reading. In these posts, I’ll also be listing […]