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Synopsis: A collection of essays by a bemused New York woman whose life might not be “Sex and the City” glamorous–but whose observations are “Seinfeld” acute. Review: I found myself nodding and smiling a lot while reading this book. Limarzi has a knack for honing in on the small things that can make life irritating […]

Synopsis: A memoir of a young schizophrenic woman, with a subsequent interpretation of her symptoms by her doctor, Marguerite Sechehaye. Review: I’ll be learning a lot about schizophrenia in the months to come for a work project, and I’ll be curious to see how this book stacks up with others in the field, especially as […]

Synopsis: An autobiographical collection of irreverant essays about finding Jesus in the most unlikely places, starting with super-pagan Reed College in Portland, Oregon. Review: I kept hearing about this book from various people whose opinion I respected, but I was a little skeptical. I am weary of efforts to make Christianity “cool” or “relevant” or […]

Synopsis: Gene Stalling was a famous college and pro football coach who had a son with Down Syndrome. Review: I am not a big fan of autobiographies or sports stories, particularly when combined and with an inspirational bent. That said, I was moved by reading about the Dallas Cowboys letting this boy be their “trainer,” […]