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Synopsis: The tale of a society woman and her unconventional love affair contrasts with that of a landowner struggling with faith adn duty. Review: Anna Karenina. The very words have struck me with fear and awe ever since a disastrous Russian History class in 12th grade, where I discovered my superpower’s limits for the first […]

Synopsis: The theft of a rare diamond from India throws an upper class family and their servants into disarray and suspicion. Review: Published in 1868 and taking place from 1847-48, The Moonstone is one of my selections for the Winter Classics Challenge and the Chunkster Challenge. I knew that it was the first novel to […]

Synopsis: A naive young woman loses her beloved father to scoundrels in a Parisian back alley, and decides to devote her life to seeking vengeance. Review: ME Braddon was a best-selling author of “Sensation Novels” in the Victorian era–all the more remarkable because she was a woman. She is most famous for Lady Audley’s Secret, […]

Synopsis: Bored with her marriage to a dull country doctor, Emma Bovary spins fantasy into adultery and rampant overspending. Review: Ooh-la-la! What a great read! I must say I was surprised at how contemporary this novel felt. Written in 1857, Madame Bovary is a psychological tour-de-force. Emma’s story is about much more than adultery, and […]