Whenever I finish reading a book, I’ll put up a post. Generally speaking, these posts will be capsule reviews–a short synopsis + my impressions of the book.

I also have a fun little job where I get to read books before they are published, but I can’t talk publicly about those books for various reasons. So, whenever I finish a book for work, I’ll put up a post in the On Reading category. These will be anecdotes from my childhood as a bookworm and musings on the activity of reading and related topics. Also, in these posts I am listing the books in my library one at a time, so you can see the books I’ve chosen to own. Given that I live in a small apartment, I only keep books that really matter to me.

“But Superfast Reader, what are you reading next?”

I have a gigantic stack of books on my nightstand in my to read pile, but I generally don’t know what I want to read next until I’m ready for the next book. Invariably what happens is that the nightstand pile gets down to three or four books, and I realize that I really don’t want to read those books, so another bookmooch or library or bookstore binge happens.



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