Anna Karenina + Bathtub – Super Bowl = Yes


My superpower appears to have weaknesses.  My husband & I moved on Thursday, and it has been a whirlwind of unpacking, and I haven’t been able to relax enough to read until tonight.  I did a chapter or two before bed, but not my usual hour of leisurely page turning.  And last night, I actually fell asleep on the couch without reading a word all day!  I think that had to do with being sick.

Fear not, blog readers–I am 300 pages into Anna Karenina and can’t put it down.  I’m feeling the way I felt when I “discovered” Jane Eyre a few years back–that what I’m reading is what a book shall be.  I should finish it within the week.

Additionally, my reading job will be picking up again, plus I picked up another manuscript reading gig that will start on Monday.  So I’ll be back to reading 4-5 books a week for work, and blogging will pick back up.

In the meantime, lots of great reading going on at the sites in my Kindred Spirits lesson.  Everyone has been taking the Chunkster and Classics Challenges to heart, which has been fun to watch.  And the best news in the book adaptation world is that HBO has optioned George RR Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire series, planning to give each book its own season.


2 Responses to “Anna Karenina + Bathtub – Super Bowl = Yes”

  1. I hope that by now you’re feeling better.

  2. Thank you! I am, in fact, feeling better.

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