Shameless Request for a 2007 Bloggie Nomination


My little blog has only been up since October, and I’m still amazed that people are actually reading. So far, I’ve really enjoyed connecting with other reading bloggers, and conversing with readers in the comments section. Check out the list of “Kindred Spirits” in the sidebar for other blogs that offer incisive commentary on books and other fiction art forms. I really like to discover new blogs and add to this list, so please don’t hesitate to contact me if you think I should be reading your blog. I’m at superfastreader (at) gmail (dot) com. I’ve also got a list called “Friends Who Write” for people I am proud to know personally who keep blogs that have superlative writing.

At my day job, I do all kinds of evangelism for a corporate site, so I know how important word-of-mouth is to keeping a blog going. In that spirit, I’ve nominated a bunch of my favorite blogs for the 2007 Weblog Awards, in the hopes of getting worthy bloggers some much-deserved attention. A blogger friend of mine wrote:

It may seem like a lot of people are reading my blog already (thank you, mwah) but in the grand scheme of the internet this is a grain of sand on the beach: you really should pat yourself on the back because you’re a regular visitor and you found me despite the fact that I have
no marketing push
no corporate backing
no industry connections that I’m beholden to that would cloud my vision
no way of rising through the clutter of the blogosphere and outsider wary media ranks without your “word of mouth” be that in the form of forum linkage, blog entries about the film experience, informal chitchat, e-mailing of posts, and whatever else.

I like his reasons, and they apply to me, as well (though books, not film). Plus he totally deserves nominations, too–and since you can nominate up to 3 blogs, there’s lots of room for spreading the love to your favorites.

Anyway, I’ll still love you just the same whether or not you nominate me. Just thought I’d ask.

Yours till Niagara Falls,
Annie the Superfast Reader


One Response to “Shameless Request for a 2007 Bloggie Nomination”

  1. I just found your blog, and I really am enjoying it. What are you planning to wear to the Bloggies?

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