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Synopsis: When a car that shouldn’t drive appears at a local gas station, the police troop that deals with it discovers that it is a portal to another world, one that seems very, very dangerous. Review: I swear I really am reading Anna Karenina. My brain was so fried, however, at the end of this […]

Synopsis: The granddaughter of a powerful sorceress finds herself coerced into betraying her kin to bring about the downfall of Ireland. Review: Child of the Prophecy is the third installment in Juliet Marillier’s Sevenwaters trilogy follows the story of Fianne, granddaughter of Sorcha, who saved her brothers after they were turned into swans, and niece […]

Synopsis: Idyllic 1930s Connecticut. 13-year-old Niles is dreaming the summer away with his twin brother Holland and their mystical Russian grandmother Ada–but tragedy has a way of striking this family, and it has something to do with the ring Niles holds so closely. Review: What a curious blend of classic Americana and gothic horror! It’s […]

Synopsis: A writer suffers a car wreck and finds himself in the tender loving care of his number one fan. Review: It’s so hard to separate Misery the book from the movie, particularly because Kathy Bates’s performance is so indelibly iconic. However, the movie leaves out a key story element–the actual book that Annie Wilkes […]

Synopsis: The 2nd in Marillier’s Sevenwaters trilogy, Son of the Shadows picks up with Liadan, daughter to Sorcha from book 1, kidnapped by a band of ruthless mercenaries, where she learns that she stands outside of the Old Ones’ pattern–and thus might have the power to change destiny. Review: I enjoyed Son of the Shadows […]

Last night’s work read was a novel whose tone profoundly disturbed me. But that’s all I can say because I don’t blog in detail about the books I read for work. Instead, you get a post On Reading. I recently posted a few of my blog reviews up on Amazon, just to see what would […]

My little blog has only been up since October, and I’m still amazed that people are actually reading. So far, I’ve really enjoyed connecting with other reading bloggers, and conversing with readers in the comments section. Check out the list of “Kindred Spirits” in the sidebar for other blogs that offer incisive commentary on books […]

Synopsis: The theft of a rare diamond from India throws an upper class family and their servants into disarray and suspicion. Review: Published in 1868 and taking place from 1847-48, The Moonstone is one of my selections for the Winter Classics Challenge and the Chunkster Challenge. I knew that it was the first novel to […]

Finished a book tonight for my reading job, which thankfully has started up again after a very loooooong holiday hiatus. I was getting used to having my evenings and weekends to myself, but if this had gone on any longer my paranoia over being replaced by somebody faster than me would’ve driven me bonkers. If […]

Synopsis: Three spurned first wives plot the ultimate revenge against their ex-husbands. Review: First Wives’ Club was my New Year’s Day football counterprogramming read. Light and frothy, heavy on plot and as on-the-nose as they come, and I loved every page of it. Goldsmith is my guilty pleasure, I won’t lie. I’m gearing up for […]