Cell by Stephen King


Cell phones turn the world into a post-apocalyptic nightmare, and a small band of survivors must try to figure out how to stay alive.

I’m a Stephen King fan, and not afraid to admit it. He tempers his horror with a humanity that I have found missing in other authors, such as Peter Straub (whose influence on King was not for the better in Black House). While I’ve admired some of his more ambitious works like Bag of Bones and the Dark Tower series, I was excited when I realized that Cell was a throwback to his early successes, reminding me of Carrie and Cujo and Firestarter. This is a clean, fast-paced narrative with very few talky sections. Classic King, and a welcome return to form.

Cell: A Novel


2 Responses to “Cell by Stephen King”

  1. I think you’ve put your finger on why I liked this one. Reminded me of some of his earlier stuff, but much tighter than those, even. I loved Firestarter. Some of the other early ones, like the Shining, The Stand, etc., could have used a good editor.

    Plus I love a good zombie book.

  2. I’m looking forward to the movie version–

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