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Synopsis: A memoir of a young schizophrenic woman, with a subsequent interpretation of her symptoms by her doctor, Marguerite Sechehaye. Review: I’ll be learning a lot about schizophrenia in the months to come for a work project, and I’ll be curious to see how this book stacks up with others in the field, especially as […]

Synopsis: In a world of Sameness, a young man who can see colors is chosen to be the Receiver and bear all emotion and memory for his community. As he trains, he begins to see the monstrousness of a world without feeling. Review: I missed this one growing up, even though I devoured Lowry’s Anastasia […]

Synopsis: When a true-crime writer comes to Faith Severn asking for corroboration of the details he’s unearthed about her murderess aunt, Faith’s reminiscences build a very different portrait of the family that has been both dear and alien to her over the years, casting new light on very old secrets. Review: I have read several […]



I finished a book on the subway this morning for my reading job. The only place in the world I can’t read is in the car. Train–fine. Subway–fine. Plane, bus, boat–no problem. But if I’m in the car and I spend more than 10 minutes looking at any kind of words, even on a map, […]

Synopsis: A troubled, introspective young woman in college in the early 60s falls out of favor with her sorority sisters and into a troubled relationship with a black PhD candidate in philosophy. Review: Very typical Oates–claustrophobic first-person narrative from the POV of a woman with serious issues. The story is laced with philosophical arguments that […]

Read a novel tonight for work–literary fiction. Gorgeous prose, interesting ideas. But not bloggable because it’s work, so you get a glimpse into the twisted past of the Superfast Reader, and link to the next book on my shelf. I feel like all my childhood memories are from when I was eight, except for when […]

Synopsis: A little girl with the psychic power to start fires is on the run with her father, fleeing an NSA-type government agency wanting to capture her, experiment on her, and kill her. Review: This is not the first time I’ve read this book; that would have been freshman year in college, when I discovered […]

Synopsis: An autobiographical collection of irreverant essays about finding Jesus in the most unlikely places, starting with super-pagan Reed College in Portland, Oregon. Review: I kept hearing about this book from various people whose opinion I respected, but I was a little skeptical. I am weary of efforts to make Christianity “cool” or “relevant” or […]

I have a fun little job where I get to read books before they are published. I won’t be blogging about them for various ethical reasons, but since I want to post every time I read a book, I think I’ll take the opportunity to write about reading. In these posts, I’ll also be listing […]

Synopsis: In a world where magic has been forbidden, an evil rises and threatens total destruction unless one young man can step into his destiny and choose the right path. Review: I hated to do this, but I stopped reading somewhere around page 300 of the third book of this 4-part series. I came to […]